Senja is a user-friendly tool designed to make the process of collecting and managing testimonials easier. It allows users to collect video and text testimonials, share them on different platforms, and manage them effectively from a single dashboard. It offers unique features such as testimonial images, website widgets, and Walls of Love to help businesses stand out.

Senja - Collect, Manage and Share Testimonials
The easiest way to collect testimonials and add them to your website. Get started for free.

Key Features

  1. Easy collection of video and text testimonials.
  2. Ability to import testimonials from over 20 social and review platforms.
  3. A powerful dashboard to manage all testimonials, regardless of the quantity.
  4. Search functionality for text and video testimonial transcriptions.
  5. Options to filter testimonials by tag, rating, job title, source or word cloud.
  6. Downloadable video testimonials in HD and exportable text to CSV.
  7. Customizable testimonial images, website widgets, and Walls of Love.
  8. Testimonials can be added to various platforms including Webflow, Notion, WordPress, Typedream, Carrd, Podia, Gumroad, and Shopify.

Who's the Senja best for?

Senja is best suited for sales teams, freelancers, SaaS companies, course creators, agencies, newsletters, and ecommerce businesses that are seeking a streamlined way to collect, manage, and showcase customer testimonials.